From the principal

From the principal

We have established Bulut Construction to build fine-quality, safe and modern living areas at all around Turkey in 1987. Our company has made important projects in its quarter-century past. We have provided millions of people with comfort in a short time by combining quality, with knowledge and experience.

Because we believe that individuals who grow up in healthy living areas will form the future of a country. We focus on building sector with attention and care to always produce the better.

With all the projects which we have included in EVVIVA concept, we rejuvenate and revive the areas so as to meet the needs of our customers by aiming at presenting a new life style, and blending experience, dynamism, innovativeness and technology. It is because EVVIVA is more than a home… It is a brand which makes its mark on living areas, not only with its quality and technology, but also with its economy and ease.

With our organizational responsibility and civic liability, we aim at presenting the newest, the most advanced technology and the best solution to our citizens within our range of specialization; the building trade.

Our watchword is to present the most economical by making no concessions to technology, quality and safety. We have reached these targets with ‘EVVIVA RESIDENCE', ‘EVVIVA YAŞAM MERKEZİ', ‘EVVIVA GÜMÜŞ CITY', ‘EVVIVA TOWER', 'EVVIVA HOME', 'EVVIVA GOLD', ‘EVVIVA İNCİ', 'EVVIVA LAVINIUM', 'EVVIVA NİRVANA', 'EVVIVA REAL CİTY', EVVIVA KALAMIŞ VİLLALARI' ve 'EVVIVA MILLENIUM' . We promise to practice our new projects without any compromise to our standards.

That is because we are experts of the art of construction; offering you not only a house, but also a perfect habitat through mastery.

Temel Bulut

Chairman of the Board